Thursday, August 02, 2007

Fish and Chips

Made VGML's Fish and Chips for my British omni monkey and my mom. Success!

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Anonymous said...

randomly found your cooking journal trying to get ideas for dinner. nice work. we have a pretty similar agenda, though since i grew up in texas and georgia, my veganising tends to be typical texas and southern fare. my vegan goals are to take what a typical omnivore eats and make the vegan version for myself. things usually work out quite well. i also tend to keep it simple with my ingredients as all the fancy stuff is really not needed. but i do like to try and include tator tots in as many dishes as possible. if you ever want to exchange ideas/recipes, i am game. you can either email me at or (i like mail!) eric ashley post office box 1181 ATHens, georgia 30603. keep up the work! eric.