Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tofu eggs

My mom has recently gone full blown vegetarian. Hurray! I came home the other day and she was eating a make-shift omelet for lunch and I decided I wanted one too.

I used silken firm tofu*, which really is the best texture for eggs. I pressed it and cut it into 4 thin slabs. I only used two (half of the box) here. Silken tofu falls apart very easily, so that's why it's all crazy looking.

I made a rub of turmeric and garlic and rubbed (duh) it all over the slices.
I heated some oil in a skillet (on medium) and added the tofu. I added a splash of soy sauce. After a few minutes, or until the other side looks yellow and slightly browned, carefully flip the tofu. At this point I added a slice of Follow Your Heart mozzarella to the top of the slabs. If there is room in the pan you can also add any veggies you want to sauté. Cover the pan with a big lid or foil until cheese is soft (about 4-5 min).

*The unrefrigerated kind in the small cardboard box.


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