Thursday, August 02, 2007

Vegan Japan

I'll (try to) spare the talk and get on with the pretty pictures!

Mr. Young Men
Kyoto (Teramachi & Shijo)

Tofu Okonomiyaki
(shown with miso soup with fried tofu)

Osaka is the famous place to get this cuisine, but Mr Young Men is accomidating and has a ton of options. Just ask for no eggs, mayo, or katsuo-bushi (fish flakes).

Cafe Peace
Kyoto (Demachiyanagi)
International vegan

Brown rice, tvp chikn in a tomato sauce, fries, potato salad, hijiki salad, cabbage and veggie salad, pear jelly dessert.

Kareage- fried chikn in a crispy potato basket with tortilla chips and sweet tomato sauce.

Not pictured: Soy Mince & Chive Chijimi (korean 'pancake') and almond and chocolate poundcake for dessert. The almond poundcake was one of the best things I've eaten in a long time.

Nara National Museum cafe
Chinese style cafe

Chewy sweet and sour tvp on a bed of greens and chinese buns to pick it all up with!

Maman Terrace
Osaka (Shinsaibashi)

Way over priced. I got a nice plate of food and my mom got almost nothing for the same price. Good, but not recommended.

Breaded chickpea drum sticks with bamboo. Also a side of aglio e olio.

Pumpkin cake with an orange glaze with crunchy pumpkin pellets and puffed rice to the side. Also a soy cappucchino.

Brown Rice Cafe & Deli
Tokyo (OmoteSando/Aoyama)

I've never been in the actual cafe, I love the deli too much. It's my favorite place!
I got my usual veggie burger and a brown rice ratatoulle pocket (past post). And for dessert?

Chocolate Tofu Torte. MMMMMMM It was like mousse!

Der Akkord
Tokyo (Omotesando/Aoyama)
German, Vegan, Macrobiotic bakery

Right down the road from Brown Rice, this bakery gives out samples and has a great array of baked goods for us vegans!

I had an apple jam pie, coconut banana cake, and curry bread (curried veggies and rice baked inside pastry).

Pure Cafe
Tokyo (Aoyama/Omotesando)
Vegan Cafe

Pure Cafe, better known for its (now defunct store front) sister store Cafe Eight, is located in an Aveda. Sadly its website is lacking photos of this wonderfully place and its food. They have a small ever changing menu, as well as breakfast!

Vegetable Torte. Sauteed veggies on a lovely crust covered in a nutrtional yeast and tofu cheez sauce. MM!

Tiramisu. The end.

Fish and Chips

Made VGML's Fish and Chips for my British omni monkey and my mom. Success!