Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Vegan Desserts!

Eat your heart out vegan haters!

Aww, the simple desserts!

Banana Split

Bananas! Vanilla Rice Cream! Vegan Hot Fudge! Frozen raspberries! Almond slices! Soyatoo whipped cream!! BOO YAH!

Root Beer Float

Bulldog Root Beer and Vanilla Rice Cream! I know the whipped cream wasn't necessary, but it was too good not to add some =D


Celine said...

that banana split is a thing of beauty. I must make one soon although it will most likely be no match to yours!

Catzia said...

Ohhhh my vegan goodness!

I have just stumbled upon your page and now I am in love with your kitchen. :)

Looking forward to your next posts! Feel free to stop by and peek around my lame-o blog too. Cheers!