Monday, February 26, 2007

Saucy baked tofu and friends

After waking up late on Sunday, amazingly, I wasn't craving pancakes. I decided to forgo breakfast and go straight into lunch as it was 12:30. I was feeling a bit saucy.

On a toaster oven tray place:

-3 thin slices of tofu, with a mix of oil and BBQ-ish sauce brushed on it.
-leftover brown rice with saffron, with frozen veggies and garam masala sauce (in an aluminum DIY pocket)
-frozen french fries (whatever will fit)

Your tray will look like an in-flight meal!

Toast (or in a real oven) at 170C/350F for 30 min-ish or untli fries are done.

Coulda been saucier! Next time I will marinade the whole slice, not just the top.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Sadly where I live there is no fresh bread. I must make some!

I hop on over to the handy and look for yeast bread. Easy Big bread pops out immediately. It's easy, but it takes time! With half the recipe, I made a small plain loaf and a garlic-herb loaf in my tiny toaster oven (which explains the slight blackening on my loaf).

Plain mini-loaf

Spiral garlic and herb loaf

Soup and grilled cheez! Heaven!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Vegetable soup

Sick once again, I was craving comfort home food. So I tried to replicate my mom's vegetable soup the best I could.

I cannot find tomato soup, so I bought some vegetable juice. But it was sort of sweet so I added some salt and vinegar to try and cut the sweetness, it worked to come extent.

Tomato soup/veg juice
dash of soymilk
frozen veg mix
fresh veg - I added only onion I think
fake shredded pork from the Buddhists in Hong Kong

pasta- I used macaroni

Boiled Dumplings (I do not use herbs or butter. just cut in a little olive oil then add milk)

Bring juice, milk, and fake pork to a slow boil.
(At this point you can add all your veggies if you want to have a slow cooked stew, then add macaroni and dumplings right before you're ready to eat)
Add fresh veg and pasta.
When pasta is almost done cooking add frozen veg and dumplings.

Eat and feel warm and cozy!

And of course, these things are always best the next day!


Ah ramen, the savior of college students everywhere! It's cheap and filling. The down fall? It's fried and has a TON of calories (go ahead, read the pacakge). You don't have to use everything that comes in your ramen packet (spices, oil, broth packet, and sometimes they have meat in it), so you can cut back on that crap. Put anything you want in it!

As-you-please ramen
One packet of noodles
Water and a splash of soy sauce for the soup
Veggies (bok choy, onion, mushrooms, cabbage)
Occasionally I throw in fake meat

Boil the broth, onion, cabbage, boy choy stalks, and fake meat. Add noodles and mushrooms (3 minutes). Stir in bok choy leaves and enjoy!

Filling and warm and yum!