Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Chocolatey News!


FEB 5th (tomorrow) I will be launching my vegan chocolate online store!
I'm nervous and excited to see how it will do. Especially with Valentine's Day coming up, vegans and vegan sweeties will now have a nice quality chocolate to munch on!

Here is a sneak peak just for you Ronin readers! Items will be different types of pretzels, chocolate covered Oreos and a nice mixed box of chocolate.

Peanut Butter wrapped pretzels

Butterscotch Tuxedo pretzels

Dark chocolate Oreos

Sprinkle-tastic pretzels

Zoom in of the mixed box of chocos

So please tell your friends! =)


Andréa N. said...

Good luck!!

Jamie said...

the tuxedo pretzels are hilarious! good luck with your venture.

trina said...

That's rad! I certainly will (tell my friends).

pavotrouge said...

oh yes! How about international orders?

Lindy Loo said...

OMG--I love the tuxedo pretzels!! Go you!

DJ said...

Good luck - your chocs and pretzels look amazing!

Jhenn said...

YES! I do international orders. They are very expensive to ship quickly however.

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