Wednesday, April 18, 2007


It’s been a magical food find week. A jar of garlic puree, a jar of basil puree, tri-color swirl-shaped pasta and fresh spinach! I’m sure you know what that equals!
Pesto is usually wrought with cheese, and chopping up your own basil can get expensive (depending where you live I guess). So the jar of pureed basil from Peru was a little investment, but well worth the money.

Sautee minced garlic (or a small spoonful of garlic paste/puree)
Add a spoonful of basil
(I also added a spoonful of left over cheez sauce)-opt
Add cooked pasta (drained and rinsed in cold water- to stop cooking)
Mix until coated and warm, add fresh spinach and toss.
You got yourself a quick delicious meal buddy!

Ok I swear this was more green than brown like the picture. At any rate, superb!
(I saved the tricolor pasta from my lunch the next day ^_^)

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theresa said...

You are the best! I wish we lived close by each other, then I would have someone to cook for! Wahhhhh.