Friday, November 30, 2007

Homemade Tofurky

Homemade Tofu Turkey is WAAAYY better than that other stuff.



Press the tofu first, and then FREEZE it. Then let it thaw out the day before you intend to bake it.
After repressing, stuffing and turning it out in a dish, go ahead and take a brush to baste it. Let is sit maybe 30 min marinading in that BEFORE cooking. (If you put it on while cooking, it just makes a salty skin and does not absorb into the tofu)
Cook at 350 not 400. Bake 1 hour covered. take the cover off and baste again
(keep cover off). 30 min later baste again (should be the last of the marinade). 30 min later you're done!
Let's eat!

For this Tofurky I only used 3 blocks of tofu, so adjust your cooking time and marinade as needed!


R said...

I am definitely going to try this tofurky recipe this Christmas.

It looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

This is the recipe we've been using for years at my house! I love it!!

Squidoo said...

Love this recipe can't wait to try it.