Wednesday, October 24, 2007


My first real taste of Korean food, from a Korean restaurant.
I had Bibimbap, minus egg and meat.
It comes out super hot, and you have to stir all the stuff around in the bowl before the rice sticks to the sides. So the rice gets kinda crunchy and good with all this other stuff mixed in. Good, but not amazing.

Kim-chi still may be one of the most disgusting things on earth.

Chocolicious bites

Somewhere between brownie and cake, with melted chocolate and a walnut!
It was as delicious as it looks.

Japanese food

Two seasonal autumn packages.

Tofu salad.

Cold grilled eggplant sushi with ginger on top.

THE lasagna

From top to bottom: topless, top on, sliced

Make it yourself, there is no going back!
Sometimes I will even just make the cheez to use on other things it's so amazing. I usually up the 'butter', 'mayo' and nutritional yeast. It just makes it tastier!! Silken tofu does work best texture-wise, but regular style is just as delicious.

First Class Food

My last flight I treated myself to first class. The two dishes during the 12 hour flight included a nice selection of fresh-ish cold (bland) veggies and hot (bland) veggies, fruit, a small side of rice and a piece of bread, with a snack of mixed nuts. I was left pining for more carbs and starving when we landed. While first class has a nice food tray for anyone to go get something from, my only selection was an under-ripe banana that I passed on. Dinner was just as pathetic so I didn't even bother to take a picture.

Sad to think my economy meals had more flavor and left me stuffed.
So NorthWest Airways, if you are reading this, please don't take the term "rabbit food" so literal next time please. And FYI, butter is not vegan.

Mushroom ravioli and polenta bites

Ok, It's not really ravioli, although that's what Vegetarian Times called it (similar recipe, skip the cheese and add garlic and rosemary). All you need is gyoza/wonton wrappers (most are NOT vegan so read carefully. Asian food stores are your best bet over supermarket brands). Lightly pan fry! No sauce needed with 'butter', garlic and onions!
Also made cute polenta bites, which I made using small cookie cutters. Sauce is pure tomato sauce mixed with artichoke hearts (until creamy) and a dash of nutmeg. Num!

Breakfast Buddies Pot luck

I have given these guys their official name, Breakfast Buddies! Let the "mc" rule your language no more! I made mini Breakfast Buddies with Gimme Lean sausage for a potluck. They were a big hit and that makes me very happy! My recipe is super easy. Try them with any of your fav fixin's!

Old Country Food, Take me home

Garlic Brussels spouts, polenta and Tofurky Beer Brats with onions.